Monday, November 7, 2011

Seven Sisters of Sleep / Children of God - Split (2011)

Split, A389 Recordings

Genre: Sludge/Hardcore
Region: USA

Oh yeah. More Seven Sisters of Sleep is always welcome and like Young and In The Way these guys are always busy. Here's the latest offering in the form of a split with Children of God.

Six tracks, three from each band. It's angry and abrasive. The Seven Sisters of Sleep side is more sludge oriented while the Children of God side resembles more traditional hardcore but there are elements of sludge mixed in there enough to see why these two beasts would come together for a split (particularly on Bled Dry, very doomy). I haven't heard of them until this was announced but it would seem they should be getting more attention.

It slays. Need I say more? No. Listen to it streaming here and definitely get a copy on vinyl over here as well.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
DOWNLOAD (Megaupload)


  1. I was just listening to it on Cvlt Nation... great one my friend. Thanks

  2. seven sisters of sleep rips my ears off and crushes my brain into blissful oblivion. almighty black talons smashes my neurons the MOST. this split rules affirmatively.