Sunday, November 6, 2011

Made Out Of Babies - Coward (2006)

Full Length, Neurot Recordings
September 18, 2006

Genre: Sludge/Post-Hardcore
Region: USA

Another band I've been hearing about for a while but neglected to check out, regretfully indeed. This is some sick stuff that straddles the sounds of angular hardcore like Narrows and bizarre doom like Battle of Mice and Neurosis.

What is immediately notable is the vocals of Julie Christmas which are strangely beautiful, piercing and a little disturbing; fitting in excellently amongst the dissonant and devastating guitar leads. I remember disliking her style while she was in Battle of Mice but that has since changed and I guess I just didn't realize she was playing in this band, otherwise I would've been all over this sooner. She keeps it melodic and clean to great effect until suddenly tumbling into a more harsh and creepy style for brief moments. Probably not for everyone.

This (like everything on Neurot) is difficult to place as just hardcore or just sludge so it can be expected that you'll be surprised. And again the sludge moments do remind me of Neurosis and Battle of Mice while the hardcore influence could be compared to Narrows or to a lesser extent Kiss It Goodbye (minus the intense and unbeatable anger) but that's about all I could compare it to — and vaguely at that. Great writing and pacing as well as unique sound. Go to Neurot to get a copy.

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