Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Last Nail

Equivoke has been noticeably quiet for a while now, inconsistent at best with posts prior to recent absences. Arguably the blog is dead. I’d like to say it’s not really up to me if Equivoke kicks it because despite the fact I contribute the most here this wasn’t originally (nor solely) my blog. Sagi's gone but Inres and Regulator still hang around I think so if they want to continue it more power to that absolutely.

However if they don’t want to update the blog and continue to share music then it feels like a good time to put it to rest from my perspective. Motivation has waned recently for me - the reasons don’t matter. I’ll be doing my thing somewhat more regularly soon just not here. There’s still a core of excellent dl blogs and underground webzines/review blogs doing things consistently well so please continue supporting them. I certainly will.

So cheers and all that. It was early May 2009 when Sagi published the first post here and a few months later in August that year for me, so thats a good four and a half years of existence for Equivoke. Without being deleted once too, not bad.

For those interested I’ll be using a broader review site at some point (The Plow Behind You). I’ll also be occasionally contributing to Summoning Spirits (under either Sanakan or ‘knifemissile’ for now) and Cvlt Nation too.

Thank you.

- Sanakan