Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Solution .45 - For Aeons Past (2010)

Introducing Scar Symmetry 2.0 since the first one is now a failure. More progressive, but still retains the Melodic Death Metal tag. Lyrics can be crappy, but the music itself is great thus being one of my favorite albums this year.

1. The Close Beyond
2. Gravitational Lensing
3. Through Night-Kingdomed Gates
4. For Aeons Past
5. Lethean Tears
6. Bladed Vaults
7. Wirethrone
8. On Embered Fields Adust
9. Into Shadow
10. Clandestinity Now
11. Spirit Side Dreaming (Bonus Track)

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Mouth of the Architect - The Violence Beneath EP (2010)

EP, Translation Loss
April 17, 2010

Genre: Atmospheric Sludge
Region: USA

1The Violence Beneath
2Buried Hopes
3Restore 5:54
4In Your Eyes

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Curl Up And Die - The One Above All, The End Of All That Is (2005)

Full Length, Revelation Records

Genre: Metalcore
Region: USA

1An Uncomfortable Routine 4:54
2Antidepressants Are Depressing 0:56
3Ultra Carb Diet Carpooling Stupid Fucking Life 1:23
4The One Above All, the End of All That Is 0:38
5Instrumental 3:53
6Black Out 4:47
7There Ain't No Can't in American 1:14
8Zero MPH Fallover 0:51
9There Is Never Enough Time to Do Nothing 3:37
10I'm Trying to Fly to the Moon Using Two Magnets and Willpower 5:18
11Blood Mosh Hips Hair Lips Pills Fuck Death 6:16

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Ignivomous - Death Transmutation (2009)

Full Length, Nuclear War Now!
August 4, 2009

Genre: Death Metal
Region: Australia

Abrasive, dark and thick as all hell with killer riffs and lyrics. Intense debut.

1Hedonistic Pain Ritual5:25
2Death Transmutation4:59
3Noneuclidean Maelstrom5:26
4The World Upon Nihil4:06
5Beckoned to a Global Tomb7:20
6Bereft of the Intelligible Realm4:54
7Alchemy of Suffering8:42

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Narrows - New Distances (2009)

Full Length, Deathwish Inc.
May, 2009

Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore
Region: Various

Excellent stuff. Members of Botch, Unbroken, These Arms Are Snakes, Tropics, etc. working together to make some great metalcore.

2Sea Witch
3A Restoration Effort
4I Give You Six Months
5Changing Clothes
6Newly Restored
7Gypsy Kids
8The Fourragere
9Marquis Lights

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Perth Express - Harrow and Wealdstone (2008)

Full Length, Vendetta Records / Modusoperandi
February, 2008

Genre: Hardcore/Sludge
Region: Germany

Several members of Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon (one the guitarist/vocalist) and two other dudes (one from Glasses) making searing hardcore tinged with sludge. Their cover of "A Light So Dim" crushes. You can hear it streaming on their bandcamp page now.

1Du Und Wie Viele Deiner iPhones

2Phil Connoe Is Me

3Kreuzfahrt Ins Gluck

4Prolog Im Himmel

5Construction Time Again

6Signal Passed at Danger

7Klassenbester Auf Der Milchmadchen Akademie

8The Bends

9A Light So Dim

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Ulcerate - Everything Is Fire (2009)

Full Length, Willowtip / Candlelight
April 7, 2009


Genre: Technical Death Metal/Brutal Death Metal

Region: New Zealand

Album title describes the music perfectly. Incredibly tight and dissonant, similar to Immolation and to a lesser extent Gorguts. One of 2009's best.

1Drown Within 6:43
2We Are Nil 5:42
3Withered and Obsolete 6:11
4Caecus 6:27
5Tyranny 5:23
6The Earth at Its Knees 5:46
7Soullessness Embraced 6:37
8Everything Is Fire 7:52

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Red Sparrowes - The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer (2010)

Extremely good Post-Rock album from a consistently excellent band. Highly recommended.

1. Truths Arise
2. In Illusions Of Order
3. A Hail Of Bombs
4. Giving Birth To Imagined Saviors
5. A Swarm
6. In Every Mind
7. A Mutiny
8. As Each End Looms And Subsides

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Black Sheep Wall - I Am God Songs (2007)

Some extremely heavy Sludge. One of my favorite albums in the genre to date.

1. Nihility
2. Care By Carcinogenic
3. DJewbf348thoqab
4. Modest Machine
5. Myolden
6. Lamb... Gayy
7. D327ht2qwbref2 5g2
8. Ten Fucking Billion
9. Xiomara

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Daughters - Daughters (2010)

Full Length, Hydra Head Records
March 9th, 2010

Genre: Mathcore/Experimental
Region: USA

More cohesive than hell songs, still quirky as fuck. It seems to get a lot of hate but I love it.

1The Virgin
2The First Supper
3The Hit
4The Theatre Goer
5Our Queens (One Is Many, Many Are One)
6The Dead Singer
7Sweet Georgia Brom
8The Unattractive, Portable Head

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grieves - The Confessions Of Mr. Modest (2010)

Grieves's debut EP on his new record label. Some of his best stuff rests in this, and Budo really shows off his talent. Guest artists make the songs that much better.

1. A Song For Mr. Modest
2. Ghost Ship
3. Dirtnap Nightmares
4. Heatstroke ft. CunninLynguists
5. Out Of My Mind
6. Smile For The Blade
7. I Ate Your Soul ft. P Smoov (Remix)
8. War For The Crippled ft. P.O.S.
9. Windchill
10. Purgatory Music

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Have a Nice Life - Time of Land EP (2010)

EP, Enemies List
March 5th, 2010

Genre: Shoegaze/Drone
Region: USA

New EP "Time of Land" with four tracks, sold at the first HANL show in New York. Free download at Enimies List here.

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