Friday, April 30, 2010

Joanna Newsom - Have One on Me (2010)

Long overdue post.

Disc 1
1. Easy
2. Have One On Me
3. '81
4. Good Intentions Paving Company
5. No Provenance
6. Baby Birch

Disc 2

1. On A Good Day
2. You And Me, Bess
3. In California
4. Jackrabbits
5. Go Long
6. Occident

Disc 3
1. Soft As Chalk
2. Esme
3. Autumn
4. Ribbon Bows
5. Kingfisher
6. Does Not Suffice

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Year of No Light - Ausserwelt (2010)

Band: Year of No Light
Album: Ausserwelt
Genre: Atmospheric Sludge Metal/Post-Metal

1. Perséphone I
2. Perséphone II
3. Hiérophante
4. Abbesse

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Defeated Sanity - Chapters of Repugnance (2010)

Full-length, Willowtip Records
May 4th, 2010

Genre: Technical Death Metal/Brutal Death Metal
Region: Germany

This shit destroys.

Edit: link taken down on request.


2Consumed by Repugnance

3Carnal Deliverance

4Salacious Affinity

5Engulfed in Excruciation

6Coerced Into Idolatry

7Blissfully Exsanguinated

8Calculated Barbarity

9Lurid Assimilation

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Impetuous Ritual - Relentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence (2009)

Full-length, Profound Lore Records
November 2009

Genre: Death Metal
Region: Australia

Christ Australia is kicking out some ridiculous death metal. Legitimate Portal worship, not surprising since the drummer and bassist are members of Portal. Still has it's own flavor, very dark, dissonant and dirty.

1Elegy 5:32
2Convoluting Unto Despondent Anachronism 4:29
3Coalescence of Entropy 2:47
4Ceremonial Disembowelment 3:19
5Destitution 2:17
6Inexorable Blasphemies 2:29
7Unhallowed Ascendance Into Impurity 3:32
8Ritual of the Crypt 3:38
9Dirge 8:42

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Katharsis - VVorldVVithoutEnd (2009)

Full Length, Norma Evangelium Diaboli
August 31st, 2006

Genre: Black Metal
Region: Germany

Relentless, blistering black metal.

1Eden Belovv 8:11
2Kross Fyre 6:04
3VVytchdance 11:09
Ascent From Ghoulgotha 8:39
Kosmik Sacrifice 1:46
VVorldVVithoutEnd 16:23

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Celeste - Morte(s) Nee(s) (2010)

Extremely chaotic sludge album. Very highly recommended.

1. Ces Belles de Rêve aux Verres Embués
2. Les Mains Brisées comme Leurs Souvenirs
3. Il y a Biens des Porcs que ça Ferait Bander de T'étouffer
4. En Troupeau des Louves en Trompe l'Oeil des Agneaux
5. (S)
6. Un Miroir pur qui te Rend Misérable
7. De Sorte que Plus Jamais un Instant ne Soit Magique

Direct download link below from the band themselves.

Download (Direct)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Panopticon - Collapse (2009)

Full Length, Pagan Flames / Lundr Records
June 21, 2009

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Region: USA

Fantastic one man atmospheric black metal project. Buy his shit over here.

1The Death of Baldur and the Coming War15:14

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Teitanblood - Seven Chalices (2009)

Full Length, NED / Ajna / Dauthus
March 27, 2009

Genre: Black/Death Metal
Region: Spain

Thick tone, chaotic riffs, eerie interludes; a refreshing take on old school black/death metal.

1Whore Mass
2Domains of Darkness and Ancient Evil
4Morbid Devil of Pestilence
6Infernal Dance of the Wicked
8Seven Chalices of Vomit and Blood
9Qliphotic Necromancy
10The Abomination of Desolation
11The Origin of Death

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

The Ruins of Beverast - Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite (2009)

Full Length, Ván
September 11, 2009

Genre: Black/Doom Metal
Region: Germany

Oppressive and filthy atmosphere as the album title would suggest.

1I Raised this Stone as a Ghastly Memorial10:31
3God's Ensanguined Bestiaries8:33
4Mount Sinai Moloch12:27
5Transcending Saturnine Iericho Skies0:46
6Kain's Countenance Fell8:37
7The Restless Mills12:09
8Theriak - Baal - Theriak1:22
9Blood Vaults (II - Our Despots Cleanse the Levant)9:19
10Arcane Pharmakon Messiah15:14

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Duck Duck Goose - Noise, Noise And More Noise (2007)

Some Mathcore, with Jack Nicholson making a cameo.

1. Brother John's Revenge
2. Red, I Don't Have Time For This...
3. Stow After The Bar
4. Wonderful Wizard Of LSD
5. Boy Oh Boy, I Ain't No Wiz Kid
6. Sgt. Slaughter

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