Monday, July 26, 2010

Gadget/Phobia - Split (2010)

Split, Power It Up Records
June 2010

Genre: Grindcore
Region: Sweden/USA

Grindtastic: 7 new tracks from Gadget and 9 new tracks from Phobia.

- link removed on request -

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Devil Sold His Soul - Blessed & Cursed (2010)

Genre: Post-Hardcore / Post-Rock
Region: England

1. Tides
2. Drowning/Sinking
3. Callous Heart
4. An Ocean of Lights
5. Frozen
6. The Disappointment
7. Crane Lake
8. A Foreboding Sky
9. The Weight of Faith
10. Truth Has Come

Download (Megaupload)

Bonus tracks
11. Fade To The Grave
12. Death Surrounds You
13. Let The Rain In

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ion Dissonance - Cursed (2010)

Full Length, Abacus/EMI
August 23rd, 2010

Genre: Mathcore
Region: Canada



2You People Are Messed Up

3The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

4This Is the Last Time I Repeat Myself

5No Care Ever

6After Everything That's Happened, What Did You Expect

7We Like to Call This One...Fuck Off

8Can Someone Please Explain This to Me?

9Disaster in Sight

10This Is Considered Mere Formality

11This Feels Like the End…

12They'll Never Know

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)