Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Perth Express - Harrow and Wealdstone (2008)

Full Length, Vendetta Records / Modusoperandi
February, 2008

Genre: Hardcore/Sludge
Region: Germany

Several members of Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon (one the guitarist/vocalist) and two other dudes (one from Glasses) making searing hardcore tinged with sludge. Their cover of "A Light So Dim" crushes. You can hear it streaming on their bandcamp page now.

1Du Und Wie Viele Deiner iPhones

2Phil Connoe Is Me

3Kreuzfahrt Ins Gluck

4Prolog Im Himmel

5Construction Time Again

6Signal Passed at Danger

7Klassenbester Auf Der Milchmadchen Akademie

8The Bends

9A Light So Dim

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

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