Monday, November 21, 2011

By Endurance We Conquer: Gilead Media

I'm not sure if post come off as pretentious or alarmist but fuck it, I won't make a habit out of posts like these anyway.

Equivoke is a simple blog posting/pirating music created by hard working musicians alongside regular dedicated guys running DIY record labels such as Gilead Media, Enemies List Home Recordings, Dark Descent, Hydra Head, Neurot Records, Robotic Empire, Vault of Dried Bones, Howling Mine, The Flenser, and many others. What we do is so easy, what they do requires a lot of time, dedication, money, and love for the material they put out there and rarely do they try to have blogs like ours shut down for spreading their stuff around illegally. I feel the least I can do is try to raise awareness of some of these guys and their current situations, maybe direct some support their way — often they're in a constant bind being small, underground labels and bands who reinvest all profits into new releases and work hard to keep the quality to a high standard.

Adam Bartlett of Gilead Media recently posted an update on his blog about the label's current situation and while it's not in any immediate danger of shutting down, recent events in the past year have made it harder for him to continue providing music and merchandise that I and many others love. Throughout my time here I've posted quite a few of their excellent releases — False, Ash Borer, Fell Voices, Ruin Lust, Krallice, Thou, Barghest, Black Arrows of Filth & Impurity — most of which are still available (some in their second pressings). I'm well aware that not everyone has cash on hand to pick up releases on a frequent basis but if you were on the fence about picking something up from Gilead now would be the perfect time. Adam isn't looking for pity or hand outs, nor is he trying to be dramatic (since his isn't the only label affected). Do what you can to support him and the various underground labels so they can continue to bring us quality music.

On a side note, I'd also like to call attention to more bullshit intellectual property rights legislation being pushed by the entertainment industry in the USA which will affect essentially everyone involved in blogs such as these (not to mention the other 90% of the internet). It's brought up every so often and usually is squashed, hopefully that's what happens here. To do your part in ensuring that it is put down (even if you aren't in America) follow the link above to learn more or go here.

Thanks for your time. Resuming our regular schedule of stealing good music.

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  1. If the bill passes, I'm gonna post anymore and just give Sanakan full foundership of this blog.