Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oxbow - An Evil Heat (2002)

Full Length, Neurot Recordings / Hydra Head Records
March 19th, 2002

Genre: Avant-garde/Noise-Rock/Sludge
Region: USA

If you haven't already seen or picked up a copy of the recent fantastic underground music industry documentary film Blood, Sweat & Vinyl: DIY in the 21st Century then I suggest you do so. For a while I've been hearing about this band Oxbow but only in vague mentions. Having received my copy of said documentary I was better introduced to them through it and I was surprised, confused and compelled by what I heard. Specifically their passionate live performance of Stallkicker and the vocalist's presence.

Apparently Oxbow been around for a while, jumping between Neurot and Hydra Head making some bizarre yet heavy noise-rock/psychedelic sludge, with a lead singer (Eugene S. Robinson) that is absolutely insane. What they remind me of is Daughters and their oddness if they slowed it down, went in a psyche-sludge direction, and had far more sexual undertones.

Similar to Neurosis they're impossible to describe accurately.  Likewise An Evil Heat is hard to describe without repeating myself. I'll just say it's not for everyone, you'll either love it or absolutely hate it, and the final track is a 32 minute tribal vocal/drum drone fest which is much different from the rest of the album; guaranteed to put you into a trance. Get a copy of the cd over at Neurot Recordings.

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