Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gates - A Precessional Winter (2011)

Full Length, ASTRAL RA / Ivory Antler Records
June 21th, 2011

Genre: Drone/Doom/Noise/Ambient
Region: Canada

I've seen the 'spectral doom' ensemble Gates three times now (most recently last night) and honestly they get more dark, intense, loud and fierce every single time. Last night they tore the venue down and drowned it in waves of suffocating/oppressive noise and drone, performing a slight variation on this album (and thus of They Hide In The Shadows as well to some degree). Visual evidence from the show can be found here and here in two parts. It was quite an experience. If you ever get a chance to see them live don't hesitate.

This is a 2010 live recording of the album "Moths Have Eaten The Core", very limited (30 copies originally self-released from ASTRAL RA) though there are still a few copies floating about at live shows and Ivory Antler Records (who are repressing the aforementioned album) — I highly suggest grabbing one. Extremely loud and raw, paced well and engrossing. These guys deserve your attention and support so follow them here for updates (or listen here) and do what you can because they're doing something different, and doing it very well consistently.

"Recorded at a show last November as the snow began to fall. This one was the first performance where it all really came together. A fairly raw, rough document of the evening and of a developmental point in Gates growth as a live ensemble."

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