Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Scanner Darkly - A Scanner Darkly (2006)

EP, Gilead Media
January 1st, 2006

Genre: Grindcore/Sludge/Noise
Region: USA

A killer release from a band that is dead. Gilead Media again have housed another winner. Themed around the excellent novel by Philip K. Dick (as well as several of his other works), A Scanner Darkly have molded a fierce sound from grindcore and sludge with some noise influence sprinkled throughout. This shit is a face shredder and has a pretty unique sound for such a grindy band, very spacy atmosphere in between the blasts, feedback and huge powerchords.

I'm pretty sure this is their only release. There are six tracks that alternate between quick 1:30 technical blasts and 4 minute sludgey batterings (often with great use of the wah), some of which start with ominous statements in a Hawking-esque speak-and-spell voice. Vocals range from standard powerful grind vocals, deep raspy roars to distorted and effect-drenched yells. The final track is a haunting 9 minute drone with a minimal acoustic backing, filled with feedback, warped electronic pulses and samples which come together to evoke images of a sci-fi totalitarian landscape; much like the cover. It's all catchy as hell, polished and sure to please any fan of grind.

This is truly a forgotten gem. I think there are still some hard copies left at Gilead Media, or if not you can pay what you want (no base price) at Gilead's bandcamp page as well. Definitely recommended for fans of Gadget, Dephosphorus, and Black Arrows of Filth and Impurity.

Get a taste here.

DOWNLOAD (Bandcamp)
DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
DOWNLOAD (Megaupload)

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