Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dyskinesia - Dalla Nascita (2011)

Full Length, Frohike Records
September 1st, 2011

Genre: Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal
Region: Italy

Honestly I haven't been very interested in much of the post-metal/post-rock released this year like I have in the past. Braveyoung's new album blew me away and may be the only post-rock release I've thoroughly enjoyed while Russian Circles' latest 'Empros' I found largely disappointing. I did enjoy the new Omega Massif but truthfully it doesn't live up to their debut (last half almost gets there). However Dyskinesia's latest album "Dalla Nascita" showed up in my requests a few days back and definitely has piqued my interest more than most of what I've heard from the genre this year.

My initial impression of Dyskinesia lead me to compare them to two experimental groups getting a lot of attention recently — The Body and Terra Tenebrosa . At least to some extent. The difference is that while I really didn't enjoy either of those band's works I found this far more engaging, refined, well structured and less tedious. It may be because this is more straight forward and loud than my first impression led me to believe, more resembling Omega Massif and Tesa here and there then the aforementioned acts which makes it far more appealing to me.

Seven tracks in all which range from 5 to 8 minutes each. There's a lot of elements in "Dalla Nascita" but the overarching theme of atmospheric sludge/post-metal dominates their sound. They make a point to express that it was "recorded live in studio, with few overdubs, keeping the spontaneity and the rarefed atmospheres of their past works alive." The album flows seamlessly without becoming redundant or forgettable.

Most songs are composed of waves of well layered guitar effects: several droning/wailing guitars over the heavy sludge leads and soft bass riffs creating a wonderfully deep and lonely atmosphere. It feels like an instrumental album but a lot of tracks have either ghostly/hushed semi-clean singing or harsher vocals (similar to Time to Burn) behind the chaos created by the effect-laden guitars and pounding drums. The fourth track shows off the drone or noise aspect of the album without becoming grating; subtle resonating hums and cycling industrial/noise samples pulse slowly throughout. The final three tracks fade back into dreamy post-metal with tinges of shoegaze, the last track ending on a decidedly noisier note.

Despite the fact "Dalla Nascita" reaches just over 45 minutes it passes much faster than you'd think, stemming from the fact that every song is quite enjoyable. Beautiful in some moments while heavy and chaotic in others it's finely tuned record without the filler I was expecting. They've put it up for free (with the choice of donation t support its release) and you can also hear it on their bandcamp page.

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