Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ritual Necromancy - Oath of the Abyss (2011)

Full Length, Dark Descent Records
November 15th, 2011

Genre: Death Metal
Region: USA

Admittedly I do try not to post stuff that my fellow bloggers have posted the same day usually but I will and have certainly make exceptions. This is really good — another win for Dark Descent Records.

Like the wicked child of Vorum, Incantation, and Antediluvian, Ritual Necromancy's "Oath of the Abyss" rips through the darkness with a muddy chainsaw guitar/bass tone from the former (or Denial) and oppressive, frighteningly deep and formless vocals of the latter. Lots of dark, creeping and doomy mid-paced tremolo riffs with chunky chords interspersed throughout the record over the annihilating, merciless drums. Oath of the Abyss provides nothing but satisfying, unstoppable old school tomb-defiling death metal.

Those who like the above mentioned bands or Vasaeleth, Funebrarum, Ignivomous, etc. better check this out. Get a copy over at Dark Descent.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
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  1. Holy shit, this is harsh as fuck. Great find bro, I'm loving this.

  2. Fuck yeah man glad you like it. Real nice shit. Big thanks to Haxan and JGD and their respective blogs.