Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Doomtree - No Kings [2011/320]

Artists like Dessa have been posted before, and P.O.S has been referenced a few times on this blog, but they are all just a part of the Doomtree record label and collective hip-hop group. No Kings is a showcase of each members talent, placed over a lot of industrial sounding beats, and riddled with some of the finest wordplay you'll hear this year. If you like any artists from Rhymesayers or Strange Famous Records, you will love this most likely, and it goes without saying that fans of any of the artists from Doomtree will adore it as well.

Artist: Doomtree
Album: No Kings
Release Year: 2011
Genre: Hip-Hop

1. No Way
2. Bolt Cutter
3. Bangarang
4. Beacon
5. Punch-Out
6. Little Mercy
7. The Grand Experiment
8. String Theory
9. Team the Best Team
10. Gimme the Go
11. Own Yours
12. Fresh New Trash

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