Thursday, December 1, 2011

Haapoja - Hallitsematonta Voimaa (2011)

Demo, Unknown
September 16, 2011

Genre: Hardcore/Blackened Hardcore
Region: Finland

I first saw this up on The Living Doorway in early-November and since those guys clearly know their shit (definitely when it comes to tasty hardcore) I checked out, quite enjoying what I heard. Not long after that I found the band requested us to put it up as well and I've been meaning to do so. Some very nice blackened hardcore to be heard here.

"Haapoja was formed in Oulu, Finland in 2007.Originally the plan was
to play death metal. Since then the style has evolved and influences
have been taken from various styles of heavy music, like Converge-style
hardcore and black metal. There have also been some line-up changes
and some pretty long breaks mostly due to the mandatory military
service in Finland. In summer 2011 Haapoja recorded their first proper
demo, called Hallitsematonta Voimaa.

It's a little difficult to place their style: somewhere between hardcore like Narrows in their faster moments (or maybe even a little KEN Mode) and Deathspell Omega-ish twisted black metal, moving across both very seamlessly but ultimately ending up on the dark hardcore end of things. Despite this sub-genre having grown saturated in the past few years Haapoja have managed to carve out a uniquel sound with a technical style while remaining catchy as all hell. Instead of relying on a cold sludgy/crusty atmosphere this is often fast and shifts pace at various points, never resting too long before breaking into another discordant run. Vicious vocals and truly bouncy, dissonant blackened riffs. It's short and sweet running slightly over 20 minutes.

A very promising young Finish act and I'd certainly recommend giving them a listen if you like dark and angular hardcore. Check out Hallitsematonta Voimaa on their bandcamp page or facebook.

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  1. good review. i review demos almost exclusively, so i'm gonna check this out and put it up on my blog. love your shit, man. keep it up.