Monday, December 5, 2011

Grave Upheaval / Encoffination - Split (2011)

Split, Psychedelic Lotus Order
November 11th, 2011

Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Region: Australia / USA

A fucking oppressive, crushingly dark release. Would you expect anything less from these bestial, gloom-ridden acts?

This is the second release for Grave Upheaval (who I'll be seeing at Rites of Darkness III in a few days) and the first split for Encoffination, released just before their recent somber, crawling and terrifying second full length "O' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres".

I think you all know what lies within this split: unbearable darkness and suffering in sonic form. Encoffination open with "Inurnment of Fleshless Disembodied Remains", their classic use of chiming cathedral bells emanating throughout the track followed by a slow build of feedback and a quick sample dragging you into a down-tuned apocalypse. If you love their recent release this will be greatly satisfying. Grave Upheaval's untitled track follows with a muffled and turbulent hatefilled atmosphere. The riffs are pitch black and unbearably heavy, with grievously haunting rasps permeating the spiraling ferocity. This track has a huge low end as well — it will shake your place without question.

A truly perfect pairing of bands on this release. It couldn't be more appropriate. Highly recommended, do not pass this up. It's limited to 250 copies on vinyl from various places (I got mine from Dark Descent Records but it looks like they're out). This is a vinyl rip, any problems let me know.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
DOWNLOAD (Megaupload)


  1. Siiiiick, thanks. You are about to have your ass handed to you at R.O. D.

  2. @JGD: No problem man. Dude despite all the cancellations the fest is going to do just that. From the sound of your recent show review I'm in for a brutal weekend.

    @HAXAN: Exactly man hahaha. I was actually gonna post that in place of a review, would've worked just as well. It's wonderful.

  3. very impressed you got your hands on this already. thanks a ton for the up!

  4. Sounds fucking Great ... gonna listen to this straight away!!!