Friday, December 16, 2011

Amnis Nihili - Christological Escalation (2011)

EP, Avantgarde Music
September 23rd, 2011

Genre: Black Metal
Region: Greece

It's funny. I was actually going to post this soon and then I got a request from someone to get it up here.

Christological Escalation is wicked. A 4 track EP of anti-judeochristian themed black metal injected with a tiny bit of hardcore/crust and a droney atmosphere that creeps in, making it a sharp and unique release.

Like Dephosphorus there's a spacey and bleak element enveloping each track. A few spoken samples are strewn throughout some tracks, and Panos (of Dephosphorus) fucking destroys on vocals with a commanding abrasive feral screaming — much praise to him. The members are clearly proficient writers, never lingering too long on one sound or riff before transitioning into something new while keeping it cohesive. Guitars swing from grim and fierce churning oldcshool-ish black metal tremolo riffs, to more thick and drawn-out pulsing drones and sustained chords; and there's a miniscule offering of chaotic hardcore styling.

Highly recommended. A wonderful gem I'm glad I heard before compiling my 2011 list. Harsh and malefic but with an ethereal, other-worldly coating. You can pick this nasty EP up on 10" vinyl and cd over to Avantgarde Music, Sound Cave, or their main site.

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