Saturday, December 17, 2011

A pirate blog trying to fight SOPA. Go figure. (Stop Online Piracy Act)

Hello everyone, I want to get something out of the way. I have not been posting, and probably won't for awhile because I'm getting a cap on my bandwidth. So AT&T is charging me more because I'm either downloading or uploading too much.

To the topic at hand.

I may be just a stupid idealist, and I'm not the best writer but I need to tell you something. SOPA is a threat to us and the rest of the internet, and I mean the whole internet. Not just the US, but all over the world. The new bill gives any company the right to shut any website if that corporation finds any copyright material on said site. In short, let's say a large record company like say Nuclear Blast see's our blog, they can potentially shut down not just our blog, but all of Even blogs here that have nothing to do with pirating or anything copyright will be blocked. Even a video on youtube with a copyrighted song will cause the entire site of youtube to be blocked. That's basically what this bill does.

But let's say, only pirate sites get shot down. Like our blogspot, band's that link us their albums or ask us for promotion will have a harder time trying to get their music out there.

That's not cool.

If you don't believe me, here is the bill. And don't say that it won't pass, Obama is going to veto it, yet bills like NDAA have passed which that bill violates an American's 4th and 5th amendment rights.

Things you can do even if you aren't american and info:

American Censorship
Save the Internet!
Totalhailbut <--- He explains this a lot better than me.
Write to Congress

You guys, and our friend's over in other blogs can help spread the word. Even if you are aware of it, shove it down people's throats because people still have an apathetic attitude. I'm sorry my country is trying to destroy the world, I really am.


  1. "I'm sorry my country is trying to destroy the world, I really am." i second this.

    unfortunately, i feel if they want this to happen, it will, one way or another. they have a way of sneaking bills in without even making them public at times. this and the "protect ip act" are going to take away our last source of free speech we have, and then the national defense authorization act is going to make it to where you can't say anything that goes against the us government lest you be deemed a terrorist to be detained indefinitely, americans and the rest of the world included. our government, the world banking systems, and the seemingly untouchable corporations need to be completely dismantled, to give the power back to the people. we are absolutely doomed otherwise, if it's not too late already. please people, turn off your tvs and do some research on the net while you still can. our governments, among others via the mainstream media, are lying to us and the more you look into this stuff, the more obvious it is.

  2. I've signed a few petitions and am considering writing a few letters/emails. I'm tired of these cunts, but my constant negative/depressed side deep down knows that eventually shit like this will pass and we'll have to find a way around it.

  3. Unfortunately your country is the "neighborhood bully" is not as you choose a government that wants to take rights worldwide, the government is earning the hatred of all who love freedom and no one goal in their affairs. Their policies are creating a snowball, growing bigger and that, sooner or later will turn against you. The Jewish-Americans want to dominate the world with its banks and oil, do not mind the cost in lives that have.

    Fuck USA !!!