Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sabrewulf - Prophecy (2011)

EP, Independent
November 25th, 2011

Genre: Hardcore/Sludge
Region: USA

A young hardcore/sludge band from Texas sent this in and I quite enjoy it, I'm always up for some low and slow dark hardcore.

Sabrewulf is some really doomy shit kind of reminiscent of Minus the Herd-era Ion Dissonance in some ways (low tuned and chunky) but slower and without the emphasis on technicality/breakdowns, adding some crusty-sludge elements. It's simple, slow, and menacing.

Prophecy starts of with a quiet clean riff on Life in the Echo that leads into feedback and chunky opens with heavy, slow pounds of the drums. The next song is where we get a true feel for the tenebrous, depressive nature of the EP. 

Down-tuned, beefy, dark riffs creep and stumble all over the remainder of the album, only breaking the slow pace to hit a brief moment of mid-paced hardcore sections (as in "The Nameless Dead") then falling back into the dissonant slabs. Tracks like "Black House" and "Marked for Death" have the deliberate bendy slides and tasty moments of discordant open strings that I really fucking like. Some gruff and ugly vocals accompany the heavy guitars and slow percussion. The EP ends on the self-titled track with then same clean riff it opened with neatly sealing the it in an ominous fashion.

Recommended for dark hardcore enthusiasts. You can listen to and download the EP on their bandcamp page and follow them here.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
DOWNLOAD (Megaupload)

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