Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mutilation Rites - Demo (2011)

Demo, Independent
January 1st, 2011

Genre: Black Metal
Region: USA

Another band I slept on this year. Been hearing word from Gilead Media that they're pressing their upcoming record "I Am Legion" and the band just signed to Prosthetic Records not long ago. I almost missed this one and would've regretted it. Mutilation Rites walk the fine line between atmospheric black metal and the more raw Barghest black metal with a few hints of death in there. In this short three track demo they harmonize it all very well.

Filled with a ton of blackened riffs that dip into melodic and dissonant territory with an ugly vocal presence over top of it all. The album starts with the 7 minute "White Death" which starts off slowly with a thick bass line behind a heavy sustained melody, eventually plummeting into furious powerchords and hammering drum kicks ending on a slightly slower note. "Pariah" is 30 seconds shorter but quickly follows with fervid tremolo riffs that only let up for a gallop here and there or a brief section of feedback, crashing drums and bouncy bass lines. Around the 4 minute mark it becomes a little melodious before slowing down into death metal territory with noisy feedback underneath.

The final track "Negative Space" is the shortest and easily my favorite, beginning with catchy death riffs and then into more mid-paced tremolo goodness. From about the 1:00-2:20 minute mark the leads are even more wickedly lively. The best section starts at 3:20ish after a short pause for a percussive build up: evil, cacophonous chords build up the atmosphere adeptly with echoing rasps and screams below the mounting disarray. It's a fucking brilliant way to end an already impressive demo.

Excellent blackened madness sure to quench your thirst for all sides the genre has to offer. This will leave you wanting more guaranteed. Recommended especially for fans of Barghest, False, Taake, and Thantifaxath. Listen to this at their bandcamp page.

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