Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thantifaxath - Thantifaxath (2011)

Demo, Dark Descent Records
May 27th, 2011

Genre: Black Metal
Region: Canada

Thantifaxath were one of the openers for Wolves in the Throne Room and Thou here in Toronto not long ago. I found out that they share members with Sortilegia and signed to Dark Descent Records who have a great lineup already. I listened to the demo before seeing them and it impressed me as the overall sound I expected to be similar to the more well known atmospheric black metal groups (as that's what they are lumped into), but what I experienced was much different. Not ground-breakingly innovative but definitely not your standard black metal act. Thantifaxath have found their own sound amongst the growing swath of bands in the genre and are worth your time.

This is their first release (limited cassette and soon 7") showcasing a sound straddling orthodox black metal such as Taake and that laid down by Deathspell Omega in some aspects; though certainly not as bizarrely dissonant and in briefer shots. There are elements of atmospheric black metal peppered throughout to be sure but the structure is more along traditional lines and there are no sustained, reverb coated riffs. It's a short release: all 4 tracks, aside from the haunting choir-like intro, span between four and five minutes of well written material that is both memorable and unique. Relentless stormy guitar work which leans from chaotic to depressive and melodic, bass riffs that don't get lost in the mix, howling vocals, etc. — a very promising demo no doubt.

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