Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Various - Have a Nice Life Covers (2011)

Full Length, Unknown/Unofficial
September, 2011

Genre: Shoegaze/Post-Punk/Experimental/Pop
Region: Various

This interesting compilation album has been in the works under the radar for a little while and I've only heard pieces of it until now. Originally compiled here, nine tracks consisting of covers and variations on Have a Nice Life's 2008 album "Deathconsciousness", a few from EPs, etc. done by Sun Devoured Earth, Airs, Seth Belier, Aceta, Wahlheim and Mackenzie. Some great interpretations of heavy tracks from a brilliant album.

1. Trespassers W, covered by Sun Devoured Earth
2. Woe Unto Us, covered by Airs
3. I Don’t Love, covered by Seth Beiler
4. Earthmover, covered by Aceta
5. Deep, Deep, covered by Wahlheim
6. Bloodhail, covered by Sun Devoured Earth
7. There Is No Food, covered by Sun Devoured Earth
8. Variations on the Theme from Top Gun, covered by Airs
9. I Don’t Love, covered by Mackenzie

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  1. Wow, way cool. Downloading now, looking forward to listening.