Monday, September 5, 2011

Gottesmorder - Gottesmorder (2011)

EP, Absurd Creature Records / Tokyo Jupiter Records / Nojoy Records
August 3rd, 2011

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Region: Italy

I received a request a few days back from Matteo the bassist of Gottesmorder to post up their new EP, so now that I've had a chance to listen to it I'm doing just that.

They're a three piece atmospheric/ambient black metal band from Italy and their self-titled EP is a whirlwind of droning, swirling riffs, subtle and cold atmospheric synths, and spacey ambiance creating a sad and bleak atmosphere. The band take a path more close to Altar of Plagues' first album "White Tomb" compared to the more 'Cascadian' bent bands of the genre — which I definitely like as I found Altar of Plagues most recent releases to be disappointing.

There are some similarities to Fell Voices at points in terms of the quality of writing, not a moment without purpose and always building to a great payoff. Gottesmorder is quiet a surprising and cathartic release. Highly recommended.

From their bandcamp (where you can stream the whole album):

"Guitars like drones, primitive drums, bestial throat. The Gottesmorder Ep aims to be the dark age sound in which contemporary human being will find frosty/obsessive atmospheres as well. The two tracks record is almost a concept, talkin’ about the deafness of nature. It boasts the collaborations of K11/Pietro Riparbelli and Lee Baughn (Ghost Empire). It has been recorded at Orange Recordings Studio with Stefano ”Zven” Doretti, mixed and mastered at Locomotore Studio with Lorenzo Stecconi (Ufomammut, Lento, ZU, Dälek). The artwork has been done by the graphic/musician Mories (Gnaw Their Tougues, Aderlating, De Magia Veterum).”

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  1. Nice description... White Tomb era AoP was great.

  2. Incredibly fresh atmospheric bm. Akin to Altar of Plagues White Tomb as described. There is a real sense of ease in applying the atmosphere here with a crushing beauty. Highly recommended!