Sunday, September 4, 2011

Auroch - Stranger Aeons (2010)

Full Length, Self-released/Independant
March 12th, 2010

Genre: Death Metal
Region: Canada

Death metal from the west coast of Canada with a Lovecraftian flare. This one will be a little contentious based on vocals alone. I saw Auroch last night along with Nuclearhammer, Adversarial, Sortilegia, and Into Oblivion at Skull Fucking Metal Fest III and I was impressed by their set.

Where some people may get turned off is the vocals. Half the time they're traditional raspy death growls and then occasionally they swing into clean vocals resembling early Pantera (high pitched screams) or maybe a little bit on the power metal side of things. If you can get past that aspect then you'll hear some pretty fast, catchy, technical guitar work with some serious early Kataklysm influence (always a plus), chaotic Slayer-esque solos, and wicked blast beats and kicks. Get a taste here.

DOWNLOAD (Megaupload)

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