Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Evoken - Antithesis of Light (2005)

Funeral Doom

This is a repost from awhile back. (Actually, I think I posted it in another blog.) I have been listening to this again. I think it's a gem that shouldn't go unnoticed. Being Funeral Doom you should expect lots of slow riffs, chilling sounds and a dark atmosphere. You can compare this to the more popular bands of the genre, like Esoteric and even Ahab. When I draw the comparisons from Ahab, Ahab has a lot of let's say...

"Riffy hook moments."

Meaning, in some songs they play riffs where you can almost bob your head to. For example. Evoken have a lot of moments like that as well. Especially in songs like "In Solitary Ruin" and the title track. These moments change the pace from gloomy despair to crushing fear.

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  1. a comparison to ahab and beksinski cover art...i'm sold. thanks, bud.