Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Capricorns - Capricorns (2004)

EP, Rise Above Records
October 24th, 2004

Genre: Sludge
Region: U.K.

While I enjoy their full lengths I come back to this self-titled EP far more often then both of them. I just find the formula here to be better without the more progressive groovy elements of 'River, Bear Your Bones' and 'Ruder Forms Survive'; it leaves more room for simpler but far more crushing riffs, bigger atmosphere, and subtle melodic touches with a stoner tint. The bass is huge, and despite Capricorns' short career after this being instrumental there is good use gruff vocals on the final track that mesh perfectly with the rest of their sound. It's fairly upbeat as well without detracting from how wonderfully heavy everything is.

The whole EP amounts to three very memorable tracks which take a simpler route, creating some perfect sludge. Highly recommended especially for fans of Russian Circles or Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon.

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