Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nahvalr - Nahvalr (2008)

Full Length, Enemies List Home Recordings

Genre: Noise/Industrial/Black Metal
Region: USA

Don't know about my fellow posters here but I've been a little busy with presentation preparations, papers, readings, and now Battlefield 3 so apologies for the lack of activity. Have another bizarre release from the weirdos at ELHR.

"Nahvalr is Open-Source Black Metal. What does that mean? It means using the internet, using the solitude and separation caused by home recording and digital distribution, to bring together sounds, songs, and lyrics from dozens of artists, each working in complete ignorance of the other.

Collected, edited, and added to by Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga (of Have A Nice Life), Nahvalr evolved from dozens of unconnected sound files into a shrieking whirlwind of noise, blasphemy, distortion, reverb, and evil. Distortion and noise are used as intruments; cacophany gives way to quiet ambience, ambience gives way to black-metal pounding and screaming, screaming gives way to mumbled singing and lo-fi buzz."  - Enemies List Home Recordings.

Not for everyone that's for sure. It's a very dark, ambient, chaotic record filled with strange samples and noise, and while one may get the impression that an album composed the way this one was would be disjointed or unfocused, this record comes together cohesively. If you didn't know better you'd think everyone involved was in the same room when it was created. ELHR described it better than I ever could so have a listen if you like their other projects or just strange shit in general.

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  1. Wow. Thank you for posting this. Really interesting stuff. I am also studying my ass off right now and this is working as great background music.