Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Young and In The Way - V. Eternal Depression (2011)

Full Length, Antithetic Records
November, 2011

Genre: Blackened Hardcore/Crust
Region: USA

"Young and in the Way return with their heaviest and most experimental album yet. This album is devastating. The guitar tone is downright ruthless. The vocals are scathing and brutal. From the opening solemn piano, to the sound of a distant train that brings the album to a close, you will be absolutely pummeled by everything in between. The band has pushed themselves harder than ever before, both as musicians and as song writers, and it is clearly evident here. The music is both heavier and more experimental than any of their previous work. "The Gathering", the nearly 12 minute B side track is nothing like you've ever heard from this band. Every member lends some additional percussion, and there are additional woodwind instruments as well. Again, this is nothing like you've ever heard from Young and in the Way before." - Antithetic Records

I guess I Am Not What I Am was just a taste of where their sound was heading. "V. Eternal Depression" is Young and In The Way's next relase and it just went up for streaming on their bandcamp and preorder today, so have a listen if you want.

V. Eternal Depression takes the blackened part of their crusty hardcore style and cranks it up a shit ton, to great success indeed. There's a greater emphasis on atmosphere and ambiance compared to IANWIA but this is not at the expense of the sludgy blackened hardcore riffs, wicked drumming and raspy vocals that are even more pronounced here.

Of the five new tracks here four keep within the three minute mark while the fifth track spans eleven minutes and for the first half is instrumental, tribal and atmospheric ( sprinklings of piano, strings, acoustic guitar, etc.) with the tail end slowly melting back into their crusty groove slathered in reverb. It ends with sample of a train whistle far off in the distance conjuring up images of early morning fog enveloping a darkened landscape, closing off the album with oppressive atmosphere.

I would suggest getting on top of this now if you enjoyed their previous releases. as it's a big and noticeable step in the evolution of their sound.

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  1. sorry, didn't know where to post this. but...

    I play in an experimental band from Belgium and we just released an EP. check it out and feel free to post it on your site if you like it. more information on this release and the band can be found in the rar-file. thanks for listening.

    download link: