Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thank You

Recently Equivoke reached 100 followers and while it's a small number compared to the vast jungle of popular blogs out there, I wanted to recognize this and express my sincere thanks and appreciation for following our blog as well as supporting hard-working bands whose material we post here.

Cheers and thank you.

In celebration of this, here's a track off the upcoming Antediluvian album "Through The Cervix Of Hawwah" titled "Scions Of Ha Nachash (Spectre Of The Burning Valley)" in 320:

DOWNLOAD (Megaupload)
DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

EDIT: This is Sagi, instead of making another "thank you" post I'm going to use Sanakan's if he doesn't mind. It was a slow crawl but we finally made it 100 followers. When I started the blog in '09 I didn't think it would ever happen. This blog at first was just me posting music I enjoy with no real motive, and look at it now! I wasn't until I invited a few friends to come contribute when this blog started to actually take off. Ecspecially Sanakan, who has been the most active member. So I thank him the most, if it wasn't for him this blog wouldn't be where it is today, even having a label want us to post an album for them. And thank you all for supporting us dirty pirates, I know we're probably just another music blog on the internet but I mean it. Thank you again.


To reward you I suppose, the least I can do. I give you one of my high tier death metal albums. I picked up the album in a record store called "Peaches" (I think.) when I was on vacation in New Orleans. And in FLAC too!

Death - The Sound of Perseverance

People consider it to be the runt of the bunch but fuck them I say. I finally got the opportunity to buy it. Enjoy this album from the classic band that was Death!


  1. Congrats - you guys are well worth following.

  2. I'll drink to that! Thanks for posting awesome music. Cheers!

  3. awesome page, awesome dudes, awesome. you lose kvlt points for triple digit followers, however...

  4. Dear god no! It's ok, we haven't reached 500 yet! That means we still have our indie cred.