Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sortilegia - Pestilent Black Sorcery (2011)

Demo, Vault of Dried Bones
July 24th, 2011

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Region: Canada

Another band I was looking forward to seeing at Skull Fucking Metal Fest III and they did not disappoint. Candles, animal skulls, cloaks, and lots of reverb. It was kind of strange seeing an atmospheric black metal band open for more traditional death and black metal acts.

Sortilegia are two canadians (girl on vocals/guitar, guy on drums) creating atmospheric black metal in a similar groove as Skagos, Thantifaxath, Deafest and Wolves in the Throne Room and it's really good. On Pestilent Black Sorcery there are three tracks, two of which hit the 10 minute mark. The influences are pretty easy to identify but they have enough of their own direction to make them stand out — lots of reverb soaked guitar chords and tremolo riffs, tribal drumming and high pitched screeches creating a ritualistic, misty atmospheric. If you enjoy the genre you'll surely enjoy this so give it a spin, demo is available on  cassette at Vault of Dried Bones limited to 100.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

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