Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thomas Giles - Pulse [2011/256]

This is COMPLETELY different from Thomas's previous effort. While the electronic influence is still present in this album, it's nowhere near as prominent. Pulse is more of a progressive rock album with some electronic influence. Some songs are very different from the rest of the album ("Catch & Release" comes to mind) but everything else compliments the rest of the album fairly well. Great way to start 2011.

Artist: Thomas Giles
Album: Pulse
Release Year: 2011
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal

1. Sleep Shake
2. Reverb Island
3. Mr. Bird
4. Catch & Release
5. Hamilton Anxiety Scale
6. Scared
7. Reject Falicon
8. Medic
9. Suspend the Death Watch
10. Armchair Travel
11. Hypoxia

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