Monday, January 31, 2011

Hectic Patterns - Random (2008)

Full-length, Holy Records
June 23rd, 2008

Genre: Technical Death Metal
Region: France

This should have been posted a long time ago. One of my favorites from 2008, I'd say they belong to the same wave as Gorod, Pavor, Pitbulls in the Nursery — mainly in the sense that they're tech death and from France. Outside of that these guys are much different and deserve much more attention. They're technical without the forced wankery (ie sweeps and sweeps) and pseudo-melodic riffs. It's the strong writing backing up their skills which holds up the music. They can control themselves which is something that many modern tech death bands seem incapable of doing.

Random has some interesting shit going on throughout with great use of both pinched/natural harmonics in an excellent guitar tone, neat effects, some relevant bass interludes and occasional slow riffing amongst the controlled chaos. It's stop-starty and angular with solid vocals and drumming. Don't let the simple artwork put you off because Hectic Patterns have created some genuinely different tech death right here.

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