Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Sustained Low ‘C’ of Richard Strauss' “Also Sprach Zarathustra” - Rehearsal 2012 (2012)

Demo, Independent / Self-released
August 2nd, 2012

Genre: Black Metal/Progressive Black Metal
Region: Canada

Castevet just announced a tour of Canada before hitting the Maryland Death festival and they're touring with Ensorcelor, Æsahættr, Sound Asleep, Thantifaxath, and these guys — The Sustained Low ‘C’ of Richard Strauss' “Also Sprach Zarathustra”. I'll be seeing them next month which should make for an intense and noisy show so I thought I'd spread the word about them for those who may be interested.

Containing members of Canadian sludge/hardcore band Titan and the bleak and loud ambient/drone outfit Gates, this is a new project that I'm sure some people here will be interested in. Their approach to black metal could be described as something like Krallice and Castevet, maybe even at some points Thantifaxath.

This rehearsal demo has two tracks on it, one 6 minutes and the other almost 14. Overall it's fast paced with many winding tremolo riffs and a general chaotic atmosphere, thick bass riffs keeping up with the guitar, bursts of feedback and noise, blazing drums and harsh, agonized screaming. They really do sound like early Krallice at points. It stays raw and callous but retains a unique ornate flair, sometimes the riffs slow down slightly but for the majority of the demo they're kept frantic, twisting and spiraling endlessly, playing off each other. The tail end of the last track breaks with lots of feedback leading to a lull filled with angry yelling only to kick back in with heavy, addicting gallops for a nice change of pace.

I'd recommend giving this a shot if you like the above mentioned bands, if you like your black metal progressive. For a rehearsal it sounds promising. You can download this on their bandcamp for free.

DOWNLOAD (Bandcamp)
DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

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