Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vilipend - Love Left To Rot... (2009)

EP, Independent / Self-released
March 2nd, 2009

Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore
Region: Canada

Gotta thank A389 Recordings for making me aware of this group. Vilipend come to you from the great white north known as Canada bringing a seething mass of chaotic and angry metalcore in the form of 5 tracks on Love Left To Rot.

Chaos and general pissed negativity are the focus here with a smattering of bouncy, gritty, sometimes angular, sometimes melodic riffs and bass lines with a few massive slams expertly placed for maximum force; cracking your skull wide open. Mangled frantic vocals are laid over top of this, furious in their lyrical utterance of distaste and bitterness, with precise percussive clattering sitting comfortably behind it all. Rare moments of quiet/clean riffing are careful interspersed between the high energy, scratchy and strident rhythms; sometimes just leaving the bass to rumble along.

Vilipend know how write and slam down riffs with cacophonous impact. For those of you who enjoy Curl Up And Die, Botch, Narrows, Kiss It Goodbye, Deadguy — you know, all that hard hitting chaotic hardcore/metalcore — this is for you. They put this one up for free and they have a new 7" out too which is pretty fucking sweet. I suggest you check it out as well as their live album.

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  1. Great live show as out everyone in the front row.