Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Skagos - Anarchic (2012)

Full Length, Self-released
June 21st, 2012

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Region: Canada

The frozen earth lays still, dead but ever dreaming…
Dreams spurred by the morrowind, chilled by snows of yesteryear.

The follow-up to the soul crushingly beautiful, visceral masterpiece "Ást" has long been in the wind — presumed dead (by me at least). A bit of news this morning from the hard working guys at Hammer Smashed Sound and The Flenser reveals however that the members of Skagos have decided to put the first side of this lurking work of genius up on bandcamp for streaming. The plan is to raise money to get Anarchic pressed in physical form for a true release date and I for one desperately want this to happen. All they're asking is a mere $2.50 to download Side A: a 23 minute hypnotic raw journey through the mist shrouded dark undergrowth of the cascadian wilderness, delivering a huge dose of sorrow and longing. This is easily worth the measly amount charged and it's only the first side which has me greatly anticipating what is locked away in Side B.

If you haven't heard Ást yet, go listen to it (and download it for free). It's a highly praised yet little known gem which doesn't disappoint. I highly recommend all readers who enjoy it to support these guys so we can get this glorious album to finally see the light of day. They are committed to releasing this themselves which means what you donate will go straight towards just that, and if you honestly can't afford it the guys even suggest just ripping it from the stream. I believe however that once you listen to this sample you'd be fooling yourself if you said it wasn't worth the money.



  1. It's magnificent no question. I need this record.

  2. That's an instant buy if I ever saw one!

  3. I love Skagos and had no idea of this record. Thanks!