Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pharaoh - Be Gone (2008)

Full Length, Cruz Del Sur Music
April 24th, 2008

Genre: Power Metal/Heavy Metal
Region: USA

You guys may have noticed that absolutely no power metal has been posted on Equivoke (much to the relief of most of you I suspect). I'm sure if there have ever been any purists, elitists, strict old-schoolers, etc. that have stumbled upon this blog they were probably irritated by the lack of trueness and left quickly to do write up on how hipsters are ruining metal.

First: this isn't a post to appease cunts like that. Second: truthfully I was never a huge fan of power metal. I always found it to be far too cheesy and filled with pseudo-epic wank, and while I like bands such as Falconer, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth and Sabaton I do not listen to the genre much nor do I enjoy it nearly as much as other genres. Pharaoh (like Falconer) are a band in the genre I've always had a soft spot for though.

As on previous releases the writing is very solid and complex on Be Gone. Lyrical themes run the gamut of fantasy and war situations and there are some excellent technical, melodic and memorable riffs and brilliant solos spread throughout with a healthy dose of restraint on their skills, so as to not fall into overblown wank. A quality that is much appreciated. The amount of cheese is minimal (no keyboards), the vocals are raspy while retaining the Iron Maiden-esque style, production is great, etc. Be Gone is an impressive entry in a genre that is often neglected, managing to retain the key elements while injecting some new life into the style with great results.

This is one of those posts that will probably be very unpopular based on the genre alone but I'd encourage you to give Be Gone a spin. You can listen to it in full on bandcamp. Pharaoh have put out some quality shit, and they have a new album out in a few weeks titled Bury The Light which is one reason I was prompted to post this up. You can pick this up over at the label's page if you like what you hear.

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