Friday, March 2, 2012

Swans - We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Head (2012)

Full Length, Young God Records
February, 2012

Genre: Post-Punk/Industrial/No-Wave/Experimental
Region: USA

I don't need to sell you on this or at least I shouldn't need to. This is Swans' most recent live album from their last set of tours plus some demos of their upcoming new album The Seer. I saw them live and it blew my mind. Their live albums are legendary and this is no exception. I haven't even heard the whole thing yet, only the first half of the first cd and man is it intense, raw, bizarre; even exhausting.

This will be taken down eventually I would think. I know Gira asked nicely for people not to share this online, but I missed out on the chance to pick up the limited/special edition and this is someone elses upload so whatever. It needs to be heard, and eventually there will be a regular cd press soon for the general public — watch Young God Records for more info on that.

DOWNLOAD PT. 1 (Mediafire)
DOWNLOAD PT. 2 (Mediafire)

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