Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Circle of Ouroborus - The Lost Entrance of the Just (2012)

Full Length, Handmade Birds Records
February 29th, 2012

Genre: Black Metal/Experimental/Post-Punk
Region: Finland

You can always count on this Finish duo experimenting with their sound and staying busy. Recently Moonflares and Eleven Fingers were muffled hazey excursions while Armon Keitaalla switched to a more traditional black metal sound leaving the muddy atmosphere behind.

The Lost Entrance of the Just returns to the post-punk/shoegaze sound on Eleven Fingers and Moonflares. Clean mournful vocals remain dominant as does the murky ethereal mist but slightly tamed, slower. This is most evident in the first two tracks. In fact the first half of the album is more ambiance heavy with dazed and drowning rhythms and less prominent use of tremolo riffs at first. Of course they always have such elements warmly pulsing under every track coupled with a soft drumming technique to entrance you, but it's much more subtle to begin with. In tracks such as Cast in Clay and Black Hole Womb the approach is similar to the clouded sound of The Angelic Process.

Skyline Painter and Ride the Wolf are closest to Eleven Fingers in my opinion as the droning cleans mix with the raw rasps from Antti, and a strong smothered tremolo pattern wails underneath. Grittier aspects of Armon Keitaalla are just barely present in some of the later songs — and only briefly. Often overtaken and smothered by drugged out atmospherics. Toivosta Syntynyt is probably the most unique here with warbled melancholic bends standing out as the lyrics are sung in Finnish.

Overall it's another solid entry into Circle of Ouroborus' extensive library of experiments though a little less gripping than their last few releases. Still enchanting though and unlike much else out there. This album (like their last few releases) is limited to 500 on vinyl so if you want it I'd hurry up and head over to Handmade Birds Records to pick it up before it's gone forever.

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  1. much appreciated as i can't rip vinyl anymore. i'll probably post mullan tuoksu sometime soon on s4d since it looks like it hasn't made it to the blogworld yet. it's a noisy mutha

    1. You're welcome sir. That would be great, I'd love to hear Mullan Tuoksu.

      Much love for Slays For Days by the way.

  2. Thank for posting this! I love this album and I managed to get it on LP

  3. This isn't actually a "return" to the Eleven Fingers sound; if you read the excellent interview up on The Inarguable, you'll see that this and Eleven Fingers and Moonflares were all made around the same time, while Armon is more recent, though handmade birds delayed the release of Lost Entrance. So the reason they appear to jump around in sound is that sometimes albums aren't released until 2 years or so after they are recorded.

    Thanks for the rip! I too bought this on vinyl but my turntable doesn't fit in my pocket.

    1. No problem sir. And yes I read the interview after I wrote this, only then did I realize they wait to release material that's often recorded in the same time frame. Great interview and quite informative.