Thursday, March 1, 2012

Arms of Ra - Unnamed (2012)

Full Length, Swarm of Nails
March, 2012

Genre: Sludge/Doom/Hardcore
Region: France

I've been seeing this release around a lot and was actually going to get around to putting it up here soon, but the folks over at Swarm of Nails have made contact and asked that we post it up before I could get around to it.

"Unnamed" contains six independents songs which are all linked by the same story of a man trying to deconstruct himself and disappear from society.

Abhorrent darkness is what this release exudes from every corner. Arms of Ra are fortified on all sides by pungent injections of atmospheric sludge like Amenra and Reka and dark, dissonant hardcore like Nesseria, Young And In The Way, Hexis, Oathbreaker, and Maranatha.

Unnamed is dedicated to thick chunky grooves and bouts of cacophonous writhing twangs (sometime briefly straying into post-metal territory), bolstered by the mangled yells of the vocalist and a rough and gritty bass roar. It often creeps but shows faster sections when the hardcore influence penetrates. Bleak melodic passages trudge through the muddy chaos on occasion further pressing into you a feeling of helpless gloom and malice. The final track is the longest and has a far more traditional doom metal feeling to it as it stomps angrily, having dropped much of the angularity in favor of a somewhat early Thou-ish tone. It's a nice deviation to end the album on

Brooding and heavy. Recommend for those who like some core with their sludge. Unnamed can be heard in full on Swarm of Nails' bandcamp and is available at the Swarm of Nails online shop so pick it up if you like what they do.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
DOWNLOAD (Bandcamp)

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