Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mgła - With Hearts Toward None (2012)

Full Length, Northern Heritage Records
February 28th, 2012

Genre: Black Metal
Region: Poland

As with bands like Taake, Inquisition and Lunar Aurora, Mgła prove that despite what elitists whine about the orthodox movement of black metal still plows ahead unharmed by the influx of variations on their prized style.

And what a fucking record this is! This is Mgła's second full length (their first record in four years) and it shows that they've been carefully crafting With Hearts Toward None since Groza. Again, like Inquisition, you'd never know they were a two piece from just spinning their work. The writing on display is fantastic, every track becomes spellbinding — all equally strong, fresh. It's raw but melodic with an unending string of tremolo riffs burrowing through each song, while underneath ghostly chords spring up to support them. The echoing acrid rasps and howls of the vocalist cut through the foggy atmosphere with an occasional break for semi-clean passages as the complex battering drums splash beneath.

Mgła have created quite a powerful assault here, a very satisfying listen. Uncompromising yet refreshing, bleak and cold while still cripplingly gorgeous.

Sure to be a welcome surprise to many. With Hearts Toward None does not disappoint and comes highly recommended. An example of orthodox black metal remaining fresh and addictive. Support this hard working duo by picking up the record at Northern Heritage. Don't pass on this guys.

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  1. Excellent write-up, the Inquisition comparison is definitely warranted! This is my favorite release of the year so far.