Sunday, January 8, 2012

TotorRo - All Glory to John Baltor (2011)

Artist: Totoro
Album: All Glory to John Baltor
Genre: Post-Rock / Post-Metal

This is some of the best-sounding post-rock I have heard in ages. Unbelievable drum, bass, and guitar tone. The production is incredibly wet and downright pleasing to the ears. The riffs are excellent - this is like combining the best of Year of No Light, Russian Circles, and Light Bearer. Absolutely gorgeous.

Listen to it on bandcamp, support them at Tokyo Jupiter Records.

Download (Mediafire)


  1. This is far more interesting than 90% of the post-rock I heard last year. Definitely has a Russian Circles vibe at points with some Tunturia as well, maybe a little early Reka. Great find man!

  2. Damn this is REALLY good. Thanks very much for this, this is definitely my favourite blog for music.

  3. Good to hear, Betacra5. Comments like these encourage me to post more often - I usually don't remember to post anything here!

  4. Great Blog Man! Check Out and lets exchange banners/links! Cheers lml

  5. Thanks man! Tokyo Jupiter always puts out good shit. You wouldn't happen to have Seila Chiara's "Rive" that they put out last year would you?