Friday, January 20, 2012

Numb - Numb (2011)

EP, Unsigned
March 1st, 2011

Genre: Hardcore/Grindcore
Region: USA

Pretty savage release with a dark and sludgey edge. It's a self-titled EP with 14 slamming tracks composed of some serious grooves and conservative use of evil, heavy and ugly breakdowns laced with some cold dissonance when they're not hitting blast territory. I think these guys use crushing breakdowns and slams perfectly — placing them in a calculated manner amongst the blistering riffs, making them shift smoothly into dissonance and creating a huge and devastating sound for the brief moments they rear their head. A great example would be in Bloody Fingers about 1:17 minutes in, afterwards picking up the pace briefly before it trudges to the finish line. Man is that some heavy stuff.

A very nice tone on the guitar, and satisfyingly low especially with the occasional bouts of clean intermissions in songs, which can bring it all down to a creepy almost doom or sludge level (as Psalm shows), or be more bouncy (like in Fading Lights) before ratcheting up the intensity again. Vicious vocals that hit both terrifying low growls and angry rasps over-top of the explosive percussion and sometimes crawling/sometimes ripping leads makes for a slamming good time.

Quite a powerful and draining record from this little-known three piece. You can download the whole thing for free on bandcamp.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

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