Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Embryonic Depravity - Constrained by the Miscarriage of Conquest (2009)

Full Length, Permeated Records
October, 2009

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Region: UK

I don't post much brutal death metal so I thought it would be a nice break from the more common genres found here. Admittedly I used to listen to teh slamz a lot more in previous years but until the new Wormed album is unleashed I can't see myself listening to much outside of the classics I enjoy already (Defeated Sanity, Disgorge, Human Mincer, Inveracity, Wormed, etc.); unless something unique like Proteus rears its head.

Embryonic Depravity were a short lived and hideous monster from the UK but holy fuck did they unearth something ridiculous here before they split up. I definitely wouldn't say its entirely original but who cares? This is some extremely well executed brutal death metal all around.

Constrained by the Miscarriage of Conquest is a 26 minute orgy of some wicked slams, stop-starty technical riffs, tasty pinched harmonics, ugly bends, machine gun drumming, and ear melting guttural vocals. There's some great use of sweeps here stuck between the huge crushing leads without them becoming the focal point or cheesing it up, and the reliance on breakdowns is largely avoided while maintaining a healthy dose of slams. The breakdowns that do appear are crunchy and heavy bridges between the frantic deformed riffs and gallops. The final track slows it down a little bit with crawling palm-muted powerchords and fades into a creepy atmospheric sample.

If you enjoy shit like Vomit The Soul, Human Mincer, Wormed, etc. then I recommend getting this. I think you can still pick up a copy over at Permeated Records.

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  1. jesus, it's about time you guys got a little brutal.

  2. lol It's true, we've been slacking on the brutality for quite some time.

  3. I'm putting you on a strict diet of Disgorge and Suffocation until that new Wormed full-length drops.

  4. I will gladly take you up on that sir, I'm clearly brutal death metal deficient. Fuck I haven't listened to a Disgorge or Suffocation album in something like 2 years! Speaking of which where's that new Disgorge material? Might be time for some Parallels of Infinite Torture.