Thursday, January 26, 2012

Inveracity - Extermination of Millions (2007)

Full Length, Unique Leader Records
April 24th, 2007

Genre: Technical Death Metal/Brutal Death Metal
Region: Greece

Extermination of Millions — what a vicious and dense record of brutal and technical death metal. It has a shit ton of replay value. Inveracity obviously take a lot of influence from Suffocation but what brutal or tech death band doesn't to some degree?

The songs on this album are impressive, a testament to tight skills and excellent writing ability. They clearly know how to play the shit out of their instruments but resist the all too common temptation to let that slide into soulless wank territory. Always at a breakneck pace with only two or three slow sections, everything here is geared towards focused and precise sonic dismemberment.

Eleven tracks that rarely hit the 3 minute mark but are packed so full of sharp and face shredding riffs that it will surely knock you on your ass within the first three. I've had this in my library for a while and always come back to it due to the perfect mix of technical alternate picked riffs, deeply satisfying powerchords alongside well placed pinched harmonics and a vocalist with an unholy growl. The bass gets lost in the mix but the double kicks will blast you into the ground, and when there is a slam it's absolutely killer and will kick your balls up into your throat.

I really recommend this shit. I have a hard time picking a favorite track as they all are equally devastating and jaw dropping. Extermination of Millions is a perfect balance between blistering technicality and ugly slamming brutality, quite a sick and memorable chunk of death metal well worth your support so pick it up over at the Unique Leader store.

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  1. Excellent. You're actually posting more brutal DM than I am these days!

  2. Haha yeah man, gotta make up for the hipsterish stuff I've been enjoying/posting, retain my brutal cred you know :P