Sunday, August 14, 2011

Iniquity - The Hidden Lore (1998)

EP, Mighty Music

Genre: Technical Death Metal
Region: Denmark

Two years after recording the painfully underrated monster that is Serenadium and despite a complete line-up change leaving none of the original members that recorded it, these four songs sound as if they came straight off that very record. It's bizarre and fantastic.

Admittedly the low end here isn't as destructive as Serenadium but the writing is still phenomenal. I would say this is better than both Grime and Five Across The Eyes (which are a little bland in comparison) just because it still retains that Serenadium feel and creativity — the doomy elements, strong and impressive writing, technicality with restraint, intense atmosphere. Possibly one of the best death metal EPs ever recorded.

In 320.

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