Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amenra - Mass II: Sermons (2005)

EP, Consoling Sounds/Independent
January, 2005

Genre: Atmospheric Sludge
Region: Belgium

Amenra are absolutely amazing and one of my favorite bands. Passion, agony and trudging darkness permeate everything they create. They signed to Neurot Recordings after touring with Neurosis not long ago which makes me smile, and soon their next album "Mass V" is going to be released. Amenra also recently repressed Mass IIII and Mass II: Sermons on vinyl and because of all this I thought I'd throw this up with the track list of the 2008/2011 reissue (with varying quality, unfortunately).

As with all their releases Amenra create a powerful and oppressive atmosphere on this EP. There are five tracks here: two of which that were not originally on the first pressing and one that appears on Mass III (track one, From Birth To Grave). Track two is from a four-way split and is on the short side with a spoken passage. Track five is Ritual II which is ten minutes long and resembles their Afterlives EP in that is largely quiet and acoustic with clean vocals for the first four minutes, and then explodes into extended versions of the final few heavy riffs heard on the original version of Ritual — slower, like they do in truly epic live shows such as this.

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