Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Atriarch - Forever The End (2011)

Full Length, Seventh Rule Records
August 23, 2011

Genre: Sludge/Doom Metal
Region: USA

"Atriarch is a living entity comprised of four parts, offering catharsis through sonic ritual."

From the west coast of the USA and comprised of members from Graves At Sea, Trees, Final Conflict, and Get Hustle, Atriarch offer up four long tracks on their first release. They're labeled as Doom/Death Rock which would give one the impression of Death 'n Roll — what you hear is quite the opposite. This is slow, negative, lumbering and atmospheric. Atriarch have a sound that reminds me of a much slower A Storm of Light or Thou.

The vocals are impressive and a big part of the sound alternating between ritualistic Josh Graham-esque droning, doomy growls, and raspy and torturous screaming (ala Thou). There's a subtle gothic/symphonic element throughout with perfect use of keyboards that really drive the gloomy atmosphere up, along side solid drumming and big, muddy, droning, psychedelic riffs on bass and guitar. Well written, well paced and heavy in all respects. If you want a taste of Forever The End you can check it out in full here and here.

Fans of A Storm of Light, Dispirit, Thou, Buried At Sea, Trees, Anhedonist, Warning, Thrones, etc. will certainly enjoy this. In 320 (new links).

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  1. sick fucking shit, hombre - gracias.

  2. I like how it doesn't work and is virtually just a cycle of new windows.

  3. Both links work fine for me. Just close the one white pop up window that says "download now" and the direct link is in another window. Not difficult to navigate at all but just for you I'll make it even easier and remove the link protection.

  4. I tried expanding these using Unrar and it said that there were no rar files to be expanded. Do you recommend a different or specific expander?

  5. Unrar should be fine, I've only ever used Stuffit Expander for any .zip/.rar/etc. files. I just downloaded the file from both links and unzipped them no problem.

  6. Thanks so much...That Stuffit expander did the trick. I can't wait to pick up the vinyl copy of this. I saw these guys open for Ludicra in Portland a while back and they tore the place apart. It's easy to expect opening bands to be a snoozefest but holy shit these guys were amazing. Thanks again...

  7. Still no luck. It crashes my stuffit expander at 95% complete. Same result, time after time and have no other issues. Just this file, both links.

  8. @Amjad Faur: I'd love to seem them live. No problem.

    @And Recordings: Strange, try now. I just rezipped and reuploaded the album, then tried all of them without issue. If it doesn't work now I don't know what to tell you.