Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Svart Crown - Witnessing The Fall (2010)

Full Length, Listenable Records
October 25th, 2010

Genre: Black Metal
Region: France

I saw these guys open for Ulcerate last Thursday and man was that a show to remember. Needless to say Ulcerate completely surpassed my expectations and demolished the tiny venue but I didn't know anything about Svart Crown. Regardless I was pleasantly surprised by their sound and performance. The French know black metal, that is certain, and Svart Crown are another group that come out of that country with some sick and twisted sonic undulations.

Witnessing The Fall is packed full of cutting and dissonant riffs, a ferocious sound that borders black and death metal as the blasting drums hurl you backwards and venomous tongues tear through your ears. At one moment it sounds straight forward and oldschool (though brutal) when suddenly you're struck by a discordant pack of riffs, undeniably powerful with big bends and sustains (as heard on "Strength Higher Than Justice" and "Dogs Of God"). When these bouts of concussive rhythms are over the sharp tremolo riffs, swirling and churning to great satisfaction, and chunky gallops punch through with relentless malice — and an occasional dive bomb solo — made all the more tasty by some thick production and a skin-flaying guitar tone.

The writing is very solid. I wouldn't say it's hugely unique and the subject matter is pretty typical but there's enough there to hold your interest and bring a few surprises. They can play their instruments very well, throughout the release there's a sense of technicality without staying from the orthodox formula or falling into any wankiness that can be off-putting; the intro sets it up nice and it stays pretty damn catchy throughout the 10 tracks with only a few moments to catch your breath.

The final track "Of Sulphur And Fire" is the longest hitting 8 minutes, slowly building from a dark, clean set of chords and then plummeting into a creeping groove, slowly gaining speed and hitting rough dissonance right up to the last fading moments. Slow, loud, filthy and sour.

I recommend checking this out (especially if you like shit like Arkhon Infaustus) and if you have the chance you should definitely see them live. Their material packs a bigger wallop live no doubt and they perform flawlessly with a ton of energy.

Pick this up directly from the label in various formats. They, along with Ulcerate, had a lot of their gear and merch stolen by a pack of cunts while playing in New York a week before I saw them so if you like what you hear try and help them out — same goes for Ulcerate. Those guys are magnificent and true soldiers for plowing through without a hint of self-pity after such a disappointing event on their first North American tour.

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  1. Too bad what happened to Ulcerate.. Never heard about this band before. Coming from you i must have to check it out ;)

  2. This was fantastic!!!! Something to keep me going until the new DSO. Really good. I'll send some funds to the band, they need it after what happened.
    Keep up the good postings!