Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Lows - Demo (2007)

Demo, Independent

Genre: Hardcore
Region: USA

I did enjoy Harvest of the Carcass, I really did, but I felt that the professional production dampened the potential lethality of the songs — which were admittedly a little disappointing having heard this gem before it. They felt a little bland. For comparison on what I mean you should really check out their 2007 demo right here. I really hate to be that guy who says "their early shit is way better than their new shit" but in this case it really is true.

The four tracks on this album completely obliterate, put to shame that whole album in my opinion. Every riff and slam on this short demo is fine tuned to absolute brutality. A large part of it in my opinion is due to the gritty and harsh production making it incredibly loud, crushing and guttural — the amount of distortion and feedback amps it up even further.

The vocal duties are also far more powerful. You can virtually taste the hatred and malice spit forth, anger only matched by something like Kiss It Goodbye. It feels and sounds as if the guy's vocal chords are about to explode and tear right out of his throat. The drumming is not particularly notable on its own but when combined with the aforementioned aspects it really ties the whole record together, crashing down with incomprehensible force.

From the opening track it is abundantly clear these guys aren't fucking around. They aren't innovating to be sure but holy fuck this is the essence of pissed off hardcore done so right. Tightly written and violently executed: it's short, simple and truly barbaric with an ugly and evil guitar tone to carry the riffs into unknown levels of sheer power.

When they're not racing forth with unwavering speed in good old punk fashion, the slow moments will collapse on top of you with such force that it will leave you speechless; it's like being crushed beneath and torn apart by some ferocious wild animal. There is no way you won't thrash and headbang uncontrollably when they settle into a thick groovy breakdown like those heard on Lucifer Crucified or Lowest Depths. These two tracks alone make the album fantastically intense you'll ask why Harvest of the Carcass didn't hit such heights; it honestly is a little disappointing returning to it once you run through this sonic evisceration.

Get this now. It demands to be played multiple times on the highest volume possible. Some absolutely fantastic hardcore. The only complaint one could make is that it's too short but I'd much rather a short and exquisite record then a long and bland one. I'm not sure if this is available on its own but it is also coupled with their selftitled re-released EP which has a few other excellent tracks. It can be found on the Deathwish Inc. store.

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