Monday, May 7, 2012

The Great Old Ones - Al Azif (2012)

Atmospheric Black Metal
Full length, Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Prodcutions

You guys know how I'm a sucker for lovecraftian shit, so it's quite obvious this album appealed to me. Also posted on Forever Cursed, I present you The Great Old Ones. A lovecraft inspired band from Bordeaux, France. And this is their debut album Al Azif, and let me tell you that this album is one of fucking hell of a debut.

When listening to Al Azif, I didn't get what I was expecting. So many bands who take Lovecraft often incorporate him with dark, desolate, depressing, petrifying soundscapes, which is correct since a lot of his stories are just that. However Lovecraft as a whole isn't just that, Lovecraft can be epic even when surrounded by the all hopelessness, Cosmic gods, monsters that can control winds, ancient wars and rebellions etc. Al Azif provides a good emphasis on these subjects whether it was band's intention or not.

The Great Old Ones are in the end a black metal band. Raw, fast drumming, shrieking vocals, and lots of tremolo, but album is also rich with harmony and melodies that are pleasing to the ears. The doomy rhythm and atmosphere almost puts this in sort of a "Post" genre as Forever Cursed put it. If you enjoy bands like Altar of Plagues and Wodensthrone I am pretty sure you're going to enjoy this so why not give it a spin?

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  2. Fucking cock suckers. Thanks for the link.

  3. A fantastic album. The fact that I'm also a huge Lovecraft fag just makes it better.

  4. np man, thanks for the heads up on the album.